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Trust & Fiduciary Services

Experience unrivalled provision of trustee services

Management of Trusts

We act as trustees of family trusts that have their proper law in a variety of different jurisdictions, including, but not limited to, Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man, Cayman Islands, Bermuda, Bahamas, BVI and England & Wales.

We have significant experience of dealing with intergenerational wealth transfer and the evolving needs of different beneficiaries, so we are well versed in managing trusts in a flexible and bespoke manner to best assist in achieving the settlor’s particular goals.

Fiduciary Administrative Services

Our services include the formation, management and administration of:

  • trusts, where we can act as a corporate trustee, an enforcer or a protector
  • private trust companies, where we can act as the entire board, as part of a split board, or provide administration services only
  • trusts for charitable purposes
  • foundations, where we can act as foundation council members or other officers 

We also provide nominee and executorship services.

Work alongside our team

Management of Assets

We have extensive experience dealing with a diverse spectrum of asset classes across multiple jurisdictions.  We have a proven reputation in the acquisition, management and sale of luxury assets including, but not limited to, yachts, aircraft, artwork, classic cars, shipping fleets, racehorses, country houses, sporting estates and digital assets. Our experienced team can assist with setting up appropriate ownership structures, and we are happy to work alongside existing advisers, or propose new experts as necessary, to ensure the smooth management of such assets.

Your unique financial goals are realised through our dedicated expertise

How we help you manage your wealth

Tailored Service

We understand that your goals are distinct, so we deliver a highly tailored service to craft bespoke solutions that align with your hopes and ambitions.

Steadfast Dedication

Experience personalised service from our team who work tirelessly with unwavering integrity to make sure your financial goals are met.

Impartial Solutions

We are independent of any bank, investment manager or professional firm, so we act impartially, providing objective guidance and solutions.

Proven Expertise

Benefit from our extensive fiduciary knowledge, insights and advice to help you make financial decisions with confidence.

Solutions for Continuity

We work alongside multiple generations of your family to help with succession planning and asset protection within a robust governance framework.

Unrivalled Transparency

Trust us to communicate in a responsive and open way to build understanding, giving you confidence to navigate complexity in changing times.