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Charity & Philanthropy

Make a meaningful impact in the world through our strategic charity support services

We work with our clients to tailor solutions for their charitable and philanthropic ambitions.

We can help with the formation, management and administration of different philanthropic structures, including:

  • Trusts for charitable purposes, both traditional style trusts, with a variety of proper laws, and STAR trusts, which work well if the preference is to broaden the scope of benefit and simply state purposes or a mixture of people and purposes
  • Foundations, where we can act as Foundation Council members, trustees or in any other office.

Unlock the true potential of your giving

How we help you manage your wealth

Tailored service

We understand that your goals are distinct, so we go the extra mile to craft personalised strategies that align with your objectives.


Steadfast dedication

Experience dedicated assistance as we work tirelessly to make sure your financial goals are met with unwavering integrity and reliability.

Proven expertise

Benefit from our extensive fiduciary knowledge, insights and advice to help you make financial decisions with confidence.

Unrivalled transparency

We communicate openly to build understanding, giving you trust and confidence to navigate your wealth strategies.