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Embracing Talent and Vision: A Q&A with Felix Lodge, a Management Trainee in our Dubai business

At Summit Group, our mission is to cultivate talent and empower our team members to excel and progress in their careers. Our approach to professional development involves supporting individuals at every level, from recent graduates to seasoned professionals, by providing them with the tools and opportunities necessary for personal and professional growth.

In this Q&A, Felix Lodge, a Management Trainee at Sanctuary, shares his journey, experiences, and the exciting prospects ahead, following Sanctuary’s integration into the Summit Group.  Sanctuary is one of very few companies in the UAE to offer management training schemes, so it is a great opportunity for graduates like Felix.

From university to management: Felix’s entry into Sanctuary

Q: What were you doing before you joined Sanctuary?

A: “Before Sanctuary, I was a Business Management student at the University of Surrey. After university, I was offered an internship at Sanctuary in Dubai, where I live with my family. I was given responsibilities and meaningful work to do, and I really enjoyed working with the team in the office environment.”

Q: Why did you choose to work at Sanctuary?

A: “The decision to continue at Sanctuary after my internship was driven by the clear path for progression that was laid out for me, coupled with the opportunity to work in a supportive and dynamic team environment. This made Sanctuary the ideal place to start my career.”

The Management Trainee experience

Q: What is your current role?

A: “As a Management Trainee, I’ve spent the last 18 months supporting Sanctuary’s CEO, Deepak Malhotra. This role has offered me a unique perspective on our business, from attending and assisting with client meetings to playing a supportive role in Sanctuary’s integration into the Summit Group.”

Q: What’s the best thing about being a Management Trainee?

A: “The best thing is the opportunity to learn through real-world experience, discovering my interests and strengths. For example, I have enjoyed the operational aspect of the role, which I did not anticipate enjoying as much as I do.”

Looking ahead: qualifications and leisure

Q: Are you studying for any professional qualifications? What support does Sanctuary provide?

A: “I’m not currently studying, but I am interested in pursuing qualifications with STEP,  the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners, who are recognised as specialists in inheritance and succession planning. STEP also offers great networking opportunities in the Middle East and globally. Sanctuary has offered support with gaining STEP qualifications, both financially and by offering generous study leave, which is greatly valued by me and my colleagues.”

Q: When not working, how do you spend your spare time?

A: “Dubai offers a lot of great activities, from sports like padel and football to exploring lovely golf courses, restaurants, and beaches, all of which I enjoy in my spare time. I have lived in Dubai for 18 years. I enjoy the rich diversity of people and traditions here – it’s a melting pot of different cultures and its geographical location enables me to travel easily to every corner of the world.”

Opportunities with Summit Group and future aspirations

Q: What opportunities do you see with Summit Group?

A: “Being part of an international group like Summit opens doors to global experiences, offering the chance to work in various offices worldwide, which is something I hope to do.”

Q: Where do you see yourself in five years?

A: “In the next five years, I aim to have earned several professional qualifications and expanded my experience by working across different jurisdictions within the group, boosting my understanding of our diverse operations.”

A platform for growth and collaboration

Summit Group encourages collaboration, inclusivity, and individual growth, providing a nurturing environment for talented people like Felix to thrive and make an impact.

Our commitment to people defines our ethos: to our clients, whom we put at the heart of everything we do; and to our colleagues, whom we respect and support to reach their full potential.  With a global presence, we offer opportunities for a fulfilling career with competitive remuneration and comprehensive support for personal growth and professional qualifications.

Join us on our journey

As we continue to grow, we welcome talented individuals to join our team of highly experienced professionals. Whether you’re beginning your career or seeking new challenges, we invite you to explore your opportunities with us.

If you’re inspired by Felix’s story and would like to work at Summit Group, please send your CV to: join-us@summit-group.com.